Benefits of IGL Ceramic Coatings

Every week we get inquires about customers ceramic coating their car, and they often ask about the benefits. For those who don’t know much about ceramic coating your car, this post will give you a quick intro. A ceramic coating works as an invisible layer on your car’s paint, similar to what wax once did, but the longevity is something that is offered and unmatched by any wax or sealant.

Quality ceramic coatings act as liquid polymers that bond to to your vehicle’s paint and act as the first line of defense against scratches, dirt, water, bird poop, environmental fallout and basic marring. In addition to the protection offered from a ceramic coating, your paint will withstand the test of time and offer a shinny surface for the foreseeable future.

A professional grade ceramic coating will offer exceptional paint appearance on your vehicle, however many owners are unaware of the preparation process involved to get the vehicle ceramic coated. The paint needs to be free of defects, otherwise the clear coat will lock in the debris, scratches, marring and anything else on the surface.

Here are a few points on the benefits of a ceramic coating;


The primary reason car owners would want their vehicle coated in a ceramic coatings is for the protection. We are Budget Auto Detailing offer IGL Professional Grade coatings for our customers. The coatings last anywhere from 1 year up to 4 years and 10H pencil hardness with IGL’s Kezno line. All of our coatings come with a warranty and guide on how to maintain your coating to maximize it’s longevity. Wax and sealants only can last up to 6 months, while a professional grade ceramic coating last years to come.

As mentioned above the liquid polymers that bond to to your vehicle’s paint will act as the first line of defense against scratches, dirt, water, bird poop, environmental fallout and basic marring.

Hydrophobic Effects 

IGL’s ceramic coatings are hydrophobic, which will give your vehicle the hydrophobic effects of shedding water and insane beading effects. Why this? When water sheds and beads, it protects your paint from damage to water spots and accumulated moisture. But, it also looks cool on a rainy day or when you wash your vehicle.

Enhanced Look 

A ceramic coated vehicle will always outshine a non ceramic coated vehicle. In addition to the shiny enhanced look, your vehicle will look newer for longer period of time. But as mentioned above, the shiny look is only truly achieved with proper paint work prep and maintenance after the vehicle leaves the shop – this means no more automatic drive through car washes.

Longer Clean Paint Surface 

Having a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle, will cause debris, liquids, fallout and any chemicals to simply fall off and not stick your your vehicle’s paint. This means that the customer will wash their vehicle less often. When it comes to washing the car (once every few months), the maintenance wash will be a breeze and very straight forward.

If you’ve been on the fence about adding ceramic coating to your vehicle, feel free to reach out to get educated further. While there are many DIY kits of ceramic coating, the true factor lies in paint prep before the vehicle is coated. Preparing the paint takes time, which allows the installer to install the ceramic coating with ease.