Car Wash Quality at Budget Auto Detailing

Burlington and surrounding areas offer very few hand car washing locations. Most car wash locations in Burlington are either drive-through or self serve locations, but very few locations offer hand wash quality that Budget Auto Detailing offers with it’s hand wash and hand dry vehicle wash.

When it comes to getting a quality vehicle wash for your vehicle, customers should always ensure that they are getting the best quality car wash possible for the money. The difference between the average do it yourself car wash or drive through car wash at a gas station versus a hand car wash is night and day.

We at Budget Auto Detailing offer an exceptional hand car wash for under $35.00 and include the following with all of our hand vehicle wash services;

  • Quality PH Balanced Soap
  • Hand Wash/Hand Dry
  • Rim Cleaning
  • Wheel Well Cleaning
  • Tire Shine

Above are just a few good reasons to have your vehicle washed by a top-quality professional car detailing location. Having a professional car wash will be of higher quality than what a customer would be able to replicate on their own via a drive-through vehicle wash or self-serve location.

Some of the factors that make a professional car wash of higher quality are:

  • Experience
  • Quality of Cleaning products
  • Equipment
  • Process
  • Expertise
  • Time Savings

Downside of Drive-Thru Car Washing Locations

In the first part of of this article we covered the upside of having your car professionally hand washed. Now let’s discuss the downside of going through a drive-through car washing. They are definitely inexpensive and convenient, and for under $15, you get a car wash. How good? Well it depends on the customer’s definition of good.

Quickness – No machine or amount of brushes can replicate what hand car washing can do – not even the world’s longest drive through car washes. All the work is done on the exterior, none on the hard to reach areas, such as your rims, tires and wheel wells.

Scratches – If you don’t care about scratches, you might as well may stop reading now. The famous swirls and scratches that come from drive-thru car washes. If you look closely at your paint, particularly in the light, you will be able to see swirls and scratches. Often times these swirls and scratches come from improper washing techniques. Why does it matter? Because the more swirls and scratches you have in your paint, the less your car shines, the older it looks.

Here is a video that review Burlington’s biggest drive-through car wash. This video below gives a review of of the drive-through car wash, and if you listen right to the end (6:20 min), the customer believes that the more brushes there are, the better the wash – VERY WRONG!

Just look at the amount of brushes that rub against the car in this video. Talk about swirl and scratches heaven! And to finish it all off, no tire shine, no wheel cleaning and wheel wells are not scrubbed or cleaned. You really get what you pay for!