Caring For Your Car During A Canadian Winter

Canadians have some of the toughest winters. Our winters are tough on us and extremely tough on our vehicles. Between the accumulation of salt in the interior and the forgotten maintenance “because it’s too cold”, your vehicle can start to look worn. Now, with the worst of winter in full swing it is time to pay extra attention to your car. Here is our step-by-step guide to keep your vehicle clean and the interior salt-free as we get through winter and welcome a beautiful Canadian spring!

1. Keep the Trash Out

When you’re maintaining any car start by removing any build-up of ‘stuff’ Have a garbage bag at the ready. Be very thorough, make sure you reach under and beside the seats and in the back storage areas.

2. Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum

First, remove those salt caked floor mats for a quick pass with the vacuum. If you use the plastic mats through the winter and the material mats in the other 3-seasons we advise waiting a bit before making the switch once spring and the mud season kicks in. Then use a shop-vac and a rigid tool such as a screwdriver to scrape dirt out of the creases.

3. Renew Carpet and Upholstery

Salty Canadian roads play havoc with the interior of your vehicle.

Improve the appearance and smell of your car . Use a spray bottle of automotive upholstery & carpet cleaner with a heavy-duty scrub brush to clean the soft parts of the interior. Spray the seats, carpet and upholstery, deep scrub, then wipe them down. Cleaning the carpet is important, as it can act like a dirty, salty, wet rag that accelerates rusting.

4. Floor Mats

The floor mats are without question the worst part of a Canadian Winter. Rubber floor mats won’t take long to clean, but carpeted mats will likely take multiple passes with a power-washer to get all the salt & dirt out. Ensure all the mats dry fully before putting them back to avoid mold.

5. Winter Tires

Living in Burlington, Ontario Canada you should own two sets of tires for all our vehicles. Driving on winter tires improves your ability to stop and respond in winter driving conditions.

6. Switch to Winter Wipers

Winter wipers can get pretty beaten up… many wipers are asked to perform above and beyond duty by breaking down and pushing away ice from windshields. The heavy snow and dirty, salty water from Winter roads can cause havoc – we suggest upgrading to Winter wipers once snow is expected.

7. Remember the Hinges

Use white lithium grease on each door, trunk, and hood hinge to prevent squeaking & premature wear.

8. The Windows

Have you ever noticed how your windows can fog up worse during winter weather even after you clean them? Start by wash your windows with a good car window cleaner; the ammonia in household window cleaners can make the fogging worse. Then use a microfiber or professional window cleaning cloth to remove all residue from the glass.

9. Washing the Outside

Start with your normal top down wash and look to take it a step further by finding a car wash or auto spa that provides an under-body spray. This will remove any leftover salt from underside of your vehicle.

10. Replace Your Air Filter

This filter prevents things like dirt, pollen, and plant matter from entering the ventilation system. The air filter accumulates a lot of debris during the Fall and early Winter is  the right time to consider replacement.

11. The Trunk

The trunk or back area of SUVs and Vans can accumulate litter, salt and ground in dirt during the winter.  A few extra minutes to keep the back areas clean helps contribute to the appearance and value of your vehicle.

12. Wipe Down the Door Sills

Getting out of your vehicle and noticing your pants are dirty? Canadian Winters fill the door sills with salt and dirt.  Wipe the sills regularly and if you want to take it to the next level use a silicone spray to keep the door sills looking shiny.

No time to maintain your vehicle to the level it deserves? Canadian Winters are hard on your car, call Budget Auto Detailing to help maintain the appearance and value of your vehicle.

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