Does A Ceramic Coating Mean You Never Have To Wash Your Car?

Your car’s ceramic coating ensures that it will endure time and the elements without losing any distinguishing qualities or appearance. A ceramic layer protects your car’s paint against UV rays, chemical stains, and moisture. Additionally, it gives your vehicle a glossier appearance, enhancing the overall attractiveness.

Given the cost of ceramic coating, Budget Auto Detailing wants to show you how to preserve its stunning appearance.

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What is included in ceramic coating maintenance?

Budget Auto Detailing wants to share some advice on caring for a ceramic finish.

Regularly wash your car.

A foolish misconception about a ceramic-coated automobile is that it does not require routine washing due to its ability to self-clean. This is largely accurate. However, the ceramic coating does not make it unnecessary for you to wash your automobile frequently. For maintenance reasons, we advise cleaning your car once or every other week. This will effectively stop dirt from building up on your vehicle.

Your automobile picks up dirt, dust, and other contaminants on the road or in the garage. These substances may accumulate over time and lessen the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic covering.

Never wash a car outside in the sun.

The place and time of your wash are crucial when protecting your car’s ceramic coating. We know that hot temperatures can harm car paint by leaving water stains and streaks. The best times to wash your automobile are early morning and late in the day when the sun is at its lowest. To avoid harsh sunshine, you should wash your car in the shade.

Use a ceramic coating-friendly shampoo.

We advise washing your car using gentle chemical detergents. Because the ceramic coating on your vehicle already has self-cleaning capabilities, you no longer need harsh chemicals to clean it. Additionally, there are automobile shampoos available that claim ease of use and outstanding outcomes following washing. With pH-neutral shampoos, your ceramic-coated car will be secure. Car shampoos and detergents that are too basic or acidic may react with the coating and damage the car’s paint. Also, please avoid shampoos containing wax because they won’t be able to clean cars with ceramic coatings.

What happens if you don’t maintain your ceramic coating?

The ceramic coating will deteriorate if you don’t properly clean it. Use maintenance boosters, and adhere to other maintenance recommendations. Here are some red flags that your vehicle is not being adequately maintained:

  • A car with a ceramic coating gleams from a distance, if well maintained. However, a ceramic coating degrades with time and causes your car to lose its shine.
  • Water, muck, and filth are easily washed off a ceramic-coated car’s painted surface due to its decreased surface energy or hydrophobicity. When it is not adequately cared for by routine cleaning and protection from UV rays and other harmful elements, the ceramic coating on your car starts to lose its hydrophobic properties.


Where should you have your ceramic coating done?

To compliment our ceramic coatings, Budget Auto Detailing is happy to provide a variety of items. Our detailers have extensive hands-on expertise and have received specialized training in using these materials.

For your vehicle, we offer several solutions, each of which provides a different level of security. We are located at 1254 Plains Rd East #7 Burlington, ON L7S 1W61254 Plains

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