Does paint protection film work?

Yes, is the quick answer. Paint protection film (PPF) absorbs impact and protects your paint from road debris such as rock chips. The film is also self-healing, which means it can mend swirls and scratches with heat, leaving your paint looking glossy and gleaming. Over the last few years, paint protection film (PPF) technology has advanced significantly.

On the other hand, paint protection film will not make your car bulletproof. To save the paint, the film is designed to absorb the brunt of the impact. If a sharp enough pebble strikes the vehicle at a high enough speed, it can puncture the film and damage the paint. XPEL comes with a thicker coating that is appropriate for high-impact areas.

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What does PPF mean?

Paint protection film is a thin, translucent urethane layer. It is used to protect the paint underneath the body panels. Urethane is a widely utilized polymer in the automobile sector and virtually every other industry. Urethane bumpers, seals, insulation, and even interior components are used in modern vehicles. The material is highly flexible, robust, UV-resistant, and chemically stable. It acts as a second skin for your car’s body panels, protecting the paint from mechanical damage like dings, paint chips, scratches, and chemical and UV erosion.

Reasons to choose Paint Protection Film.

Here are some reasons to get automotive paint protection film.

It’s Easier to Clean Your Car

The most significant advantage of a paint protection film is that it has a topcoat, it is entirely hydrophobic, and makes cleaning your automobile easier because nothing will be able to attach to the paint. Bird droppings, for example, can be easily removed with a moist cloth. Similarly, a quick blast from the water hose will remove any built up dirt.

Sun Protection for Your Vehicle

The sun is always a hazard to your vehicle. Most paint will be damaged by its UV rays, even in the dead of winter. Your color will continue to deteriorate as long as the sun is shining. Your paint is drying out, which causes chipping and cracking. Paint protection film will assist your paint to withstand the elements, such as the sun.

Over time, constant exposure to the harsh environment may damage and weaken your paint protection coating. The paint underneath, however, will be unaffected. Our film comes with a ten-year warranty!

Boost the worth of your car

In the long run, a paint protection coating will raise the market value of your car if you ever decide to sell it. This is especially relevant when determining the trade-in value. A vehicle with a fantastic paint job might fetch thousands more in trade-in value. Invest in paint protection film if you want to boost the value of your car!

Where can you find a reputable shop for PPF installation?

Budget Auto Detailing has a team of highly qualified individuals with years of experience and a complete understanding of automobiles. We have top-of-the-line equipment to make your vehicle sparkle and shine. Each service package from Budget Auto Detailing comes with a warranty, giving you peace of mind. For more information, contact 905-633-8880 or email 1254 Plains Rd East #7, Burlington, ON L7S 1W6.