Don’t Let The Appearance of Your Vehicle Diminish Over Time

Your Vehicle’s Appearance Begins To Fade The day You Drive It Off The Lot

New & used vehicles diminish in appearance right after leaving the lot. The appearance needs to be maintained properly with regular care. If your car is not being washed properly or if you’re hitting the spinning-brush car wash twice a week, your car’s exterior will start to look diminished. The rubber trim begins to dull if it’s not being treated with UV protectants, small nicks and abrasions become noticeable, paint swirls and a layer of contamination all combine to diminish your vehicle’s appearance.

Any type of paint scratch, whether fine swirls or deep scratches are caused by foreign objects interacting with your paint surface. You need to minimize contact between foreign matter, even small grains of sand still left on the brush from that mud covered truck that used the auto car wash before you.

While paint swirls are noticeable on most car paint shades, darker vehicles are the most susceptible. In fact having deep swirls in black painted car can make the it look faded and grey.

To ensure you don’t let dirt contact the paint, thoroughly rinse the exterior painted surface before washing your vehicle. Quality car wash soaps are specifically designed not to damage your car’s paint job. Choose a quality wash cloth or mitt with microfiber to make sure the dirt gets caught within the fabric. Avoid sponges because the dirt left on the vehicles surface can get ground back into your paint on the next pass. Drying your vehicle be done by gently drying the exterior completely using microfiber towels.

Your vehicles paint needs protection from the elements in addition to regular exterior detailing. Your vehicle should always use a high-quality wax or exterior sealant to provide protection for your car’s paint, windows, trim and rubber. It’s actually common for new cars, exposed to weather from shipment by rail or sea or even sitting on a car lot for a while to build up heavy contaminated on their exterior painted surfaces.

A Quick Check For Your Car’s Paint

Take your finger and run it down the length of a clean panel on your car. What do you feel? Rough or smooth? If it feels like mild sand paper on that clean panel then what you’re feeling is contamination on your painted surface. Your car’s exterior spends its life exposed to outside elements including the sun, the rain, ice, snow, pollution, road tar, tree sap, bird droppings and hard to remove bug guts.

In order to protect your vehicle’s painted surfaces you need to remove that stuck on layer of dirt and grime and then apply a quality sealant or wax. Call Budget Auto Detailing to book an appointment to have your car’s exterior brought back to life with a clay bar rub and custom wax application. Your car will thank you. Call 905-633-8880 or reach us by email to book a session for your vehicle.