The Benefits of Ceramic Coating

So you’ve just driven your brand spanking new shiny car off the lot, it looks incredible – and your goal is to keep it that way. Now, comes the time to write up one of the most beneficial google searches you’ll ever make: ‘’ceramic coating near me’

What Is Ceramic Coating?

The car detailing industry has seen huge improvements over the years. However, the best innovation in the field stands as a ceramic coating. But what is a ceramic coating? And how does it benefit you?

Ceramic coatings also go by the name of nano-coating. It’s a liquid polymer that bonds to the surface of your car which ultimately, provides you with a long-term protective layer that sits on top of your paint. Its texture is stiff, dense, and transparent; meaning that you’ll never be able to tell it apart from the glass that semi-permanently attaches to your vehicle’s paint. The thickness doesn’t only protect it, but also gives it a luxurious deep gloss appearance.

It’s applied by a professional’s hand, directly to the exterior of your car covering it entirely. Bear in mind, in order to get the best results, it’s vital that ceramic coating is applied by an expert. We are proud to be trained and certified installers of one of the world’s best coating brands, IGL Coatings.

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The Benefits of  Ceramic Coating for Cars

  • Safeguards Against Sun & Oxidation – When you use a ceramic coating on your car, you protect it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It’s a common occurrence for a car’s clear coat layer to become discolored due to the sun over time when not protected. Repairing a faded coat can be costly, so protecting your car with a ceramic coating will give you years of shine.
  • Shields Against Light Scratches – Thick layers of our 9h coatings will help prevent light scratches by creating a tough surface. You’ll gain more resistance to abrasion, ultimately reducing the chances of nasty scratches.
  • Years of Paint Protection – Everybody likes getting their money’s worth, right? Well, this is exactly what makes it so amazing. Don’t waste time with wax or sealants, coatings last for years when maintained properly.
  • More Convenient to Clean – Yes, your car will stay cleaner for longer. But, it will of course eventually need to be washed. Fortunately, a paint coating will make it much easier to clean dirt from your car.
  • Stunning Appearance – Every single person loves the feeling of luxury, and that’s exactly what you get when you put a coating on your paint. It will add depth to the color of your car, yielding a long-lasting shine.


Looking For a Certified Coating Installer Near You?

So, now that you know the answer to ‘’what is a ceramic coating?’ and all of the benefits that come with it, we bet you’re excited to try it out. However, before you rush to search for ‘’ceramic coating near me’’, why not speak to some experts in the industry first?

As one of the best ceramic coating installers in all of Vermont, Budget Auto Detailing strives to bring the shine back to new, and add years of life to your vehicle. We’re on a mission to prevent corrosion that comes with road dirt and film over time. Our car cleaning professionals have no limitations in their skills, and will work on your car to return that bright, new car look to most vehicles.

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