Winter Car Care

Winter car care Burlington Ontario With the arrival of the first snow in Burlington, Ontario, we can safely say that winter is upon us and that’s why we need to winter car care now. Many drivers on the road never properly prepare their cars once the temperatures drop and simply are always running behind with their winter car care. From having improper tools for winter maintenance, to having no winter tires, this only spells for a disaster for anyone thinking to make it through the winter.

Truth is, when winter comes it gets even more important to practice proper car care and to help you out with this year’s winter car care, we’ve come up with a few winter car care tips to help you get through the 2017/2018 Canadian winter.

Car Checkup – Simply visit your local reputable maintenance shop and get a checkup. They will look at your car’s battery, tires, belts, oil and even replace your windshield washer fluid with the winter version. All of these little checks and balances will help you run your car smoother during the cold winter months.

Tire Pressure – You can do it yourself or your local car shop will set your tire pressure for the winter months. Many don’t know that checking tire pressure when the temperature drops below the freezing level simply doesn’t do anything. Air freezes in the valve steam and can cause leaking. Either take it to a garage or wait until the temperature rises.

Rubber Floor Mats – You need them, there is no other way around it. Rubber floor mats are much easier to maintain, and they will keep the water and salt from penetrating into your car’s carpet floor.

Battery Checkup – You can do the routine maintenance yourself, scrape away any unnecessary corrosion from the posts and cable connections, clean the area and re-tighten all connections. Keep in mind the following; removing of cables can cause damage or loss of data/codes on some newer vehicles, so always check your owner’s manual first. Be sure to avoid contact with corrosive deposits and battery acid.

Emergency Car Kit – It is wise to carry with you extra gloves, boots, socks and blankets. In addition, you should definitely also have a small shovel, flashlight, extra batteries and even some snacks in case of a real emergency.

Paint ProtectionDirt on your car can and will over time abrade the paint on your vehicle. Things such as snow, rain, mud and road salt all take their toll on the vehicle’s exterior during the winter months. There are many ways to protect your paint during the winter months, so its best to see your local car detail shop to discuss the various options, such as waxes, sealants and various coatings.

Rust Protection – Spraying oil your vehicle’s underside is inexpensive, messy, but a temporary preventative measure. Most people are not aware, that once the oil dries, the protection goes away. That being said, any protection is better than not having any protection at all.

The above list offers some points on helping you get through the upcoming winter. Many drivers go through the winter months without proper preparation and living on the prayer that nothing will go wrong. Taking care of the interior and exterior of the vehicle is equally as important as having it run properly.

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